GUI GossipΒΆ


  • fairly primitive;
  • but: comes with every Python install!
  • still a bit immature (feb 2007) for Mac OS X native (“Aqua”); X11 version works fine on OS X.

PyQT (

  • mature;
  • cross platform;
  • freely available for Open Source Software use;
  • has a testing framework!

KWWidgets (

  • immature; based on Tk, so Mac OS X native is still a bit weak;
  • lightweight;
  • attractive;
  • has a testing framework!

pyFLTK (

  • cross platform;
  • FLTK is mature, although primitive;
  • not very pretty;
  • very lightweight;

wxWindows (

pyGTK (

  • cross platform;
  • mature; looks good.
  • no personal or “friend” experience;
  • UI designer;

Mild recommendation: start with Qt, which is apparently very mature and very powerful.