Welcome to Intermediate and Advanced Software Carpentry!

Author:C Titus Brown
Date:June 18, 2007

Welcome! You have stumbled upon the class handouts for a course I taught at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, June 12-June 14, 2007.

These notes are intended to accompany my lecture, which was a demonstration of a variety of “intermediate” Python features and packages. Because the demonstration was interactive, these notes are not complete notes of what went on in the course. (Sorry about that; they have been updated from my actual handouts to be more complete...)

However, all 70 pages are free to view and print, so enjoy.

All errors are, of course, my own. Note that almost all of the examples starting with ‘>>>’ are doctests, so you can take the source and run doctest on it to make sure I’m being honest. But do me a favor and run the doctests with Python 2.5 ;).

Note that Day 1 of the course ran through the end of “Testing Your Software”; Day 2 ran through the end of “Online Resources for Python”; and Day 3 finished it off.

Example code (mostly from the C extension sections) is available here; see the README for more information.


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